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Creature Calls provides quick, safe effective vaccination services to pets across Hobart.

Vaccinations are a preventative treatment against infectious diseases. Vaccines are medications designed to stimulate the body’s immune system to produce disease-fighting antibodies to help protect against the disease.

As we are all particularly aware since the onset of “COVID”, vaccination is not just important for the prevention of disease in the individual but also for prevention of disease in the community as a whole. This is why kennels are particularly careful about asking for your pet’s vaccination card.  They need to keep the kennel community healthy.  

COVID also raised the issue of vaccination risk versus benefits. It is rare for a vaccination or treatment to not run the risk of some sort of adverse effect, but for anything to become a commonly used preventative, the benefits need to far outweigh the risks or no one would recommend or use them.  

All the vaccines we recommend are designed to prevent disease that are either life threatening or potentially causing significant and unpleasant disease serious adverse responses to vaccines are rare.

Of course, it is ideal that we discuss each vaccination based on the individual situation of each patient.

"Curious Curtis"

Pricing and fees

Our general consultation fees and travel fees  will occur, as well as any specific service pricing listed below.

3 yearly or "Triennial" C5 Vaccinations are $52. This is the vaccination we recommend and use most commonly for dogs. Using this vaccination means that your dog only needs a Canine cough in the 2 intervening years and this can be given as an intranasal vaccine which means there is nothing systemic given in those 2 years. For dogs that don't like/tolerate the intranasal we do have the injectable option.

Kennel cough or Canine cough only for dogs that have had a 3 yearly C3 vaccine is ($28)

Standard F3 vaccination ($26) For our cats is: feline panleukopenia, Herpes virus and the calicivirus (Cat flu).  We also offer the option of the FIV vaccination for cats that are at risk of getting into fights or bitten by other cats for any reason.

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