Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your frequently asked questions about our house call and mobile veterinary services across Hobart.

What areas of Hobart do you service?

Creature Calls provides mobile veterinary services to a range of areas across Hobart, including The Channel and The Huon Valley regions. To view our all areas and associated travel fees, please visit our Service Areas page.

What if my pet requires futher investigation, treatment or surgery?

If your pet requires surgery we have partnered with the Dog and Cat clinic to take on any Surgical or hospital care needed.

What if I have an emergency situation?

If you are dealing with an animal emergency please call a veterinary hospital or if it is after hours call the After hours veterinary emergency centre on 1300 302 912.

Emergency care usually requires equipment that only veterinary hospitals have, such as capacity to give intravenous fluid therapy, oxygen therapy, gastrointestinal lavage and sometimes even surgery.

What species do you provide Veterinary care to?

Creature Calls currently provides veterinary care to dogs and cats. We can also see a rabbit for vaccination if you contact us ahead of time.

What is your payment policy?

Payment is due on the same day usually after services are rendered but can arrange payment before if easier. We accept cash, eftpos, EFT, Credit card, cheque, Direct deposit or transfer. We email all of our invoices to avoid printing on paper, but if you would prefer a printed receipt we can arrange this.

What Should I do to prepare for my pet's appointment?

If its your pet's first consultation with Creature Calls, please have all the appropriate medical information/records if available. Making sure your cat and or dog are confined to a small space ready for examination.

What days are you available?

We are open 9:00-4:00 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning. Contact us to discuss an appointment outside of these hours.

Can you help me keep track of my pets vaccination and appointments?

Yes we can, we routinely create reminders for each individual pet. We send emails and texts for appointment bookings and reminders.

What if my animal is hard to handle or is aggressive?

Depending on the level of difficulty we can potentially arrange a meet and greet with Cathy feeding lots of treats to develop a positive relationship with your pet, as often aggression or difficulty in consultations can be based in anxiety. She may recommend dispensing a short term anti -anxiety medication to give to your pet before the next appointment time. We also can arrange our experienced nurse Lauren to be present at any of the appointments for assistance. We always carry muzzles for dogs that require muzzling for an effective examination.

What is the benefit of a house call over taking my pet to a clinic?

We understand how difficult it can be getting your pet to the vet, especially if you don’t have access to transport. You may struggle to lift your dog into the car or your cat may go missing on appointment day.

The number one reason given by pet owners for wanting a house call is that they want to avoid stressing their pet with a car trip. We understand these difficulties and want to give your pet veterinary care without the hassle.

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