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Anxiety is a natural and very common experience among pets and human alike.

The modern world can be a scary and isolating place and for pets with intelligent active minds; there is just not enough to keep their minds occupied in their day and so they tend towards anxiety.    

In order to give our pets quality of life we , ideally we try as much as possible to reduce this anxiety with what we call behavioural therapy. This basically involves stimulating their minds, and creating structure in their lives to give a sense of security.   Anti-anxiety medication has been shown to dramatically increase the effectiveness of behavioural therapy.   Some people find the idea of giving their animals these types of medications a bit unusual but the way I see it, anxiety is like a form of pain. We wouldn’t withhold pain relief from our pets so why withhold something that could give them relief from anxiety?

Behavioral therapy may be relatively simple and we may be able to create a plan in a consultation or in more complex cases I may refer clients to a animal behaviour specialists or dog trainer for further help.


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