Pet Anal Gland Diagnosis Hobart

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Creature Calls can perform a quick and effective anal gland expression, or a comprehensive diagnostic process when necessary.

Anal glands can be as simple as a quick squeeze or as complicated as a skin consult. Sometimes they become a recurrent problem for the same reasons that skin becomes a recurring problem and we have to go through a similar diagnostic and therapeutic process to resolve the issue.

Anal glands should be naturally expressed every time an animal defaecates by the action of the rectal muscles pressing on the anal gland.  This may not be effective if the animal has diarrhoea and so the muscles have nothing to press against or if the rectal muscles are weak for some reason.   Keeping the stool firm and bulky by maintaining a high fibre diet can be helpful.   If there is an inflammatory process occurring for some reason then the anal glands can become infected and we need to try to work out why this is happening.

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