Mobile Veterinary Services in Hobart

Learn more about our range of mobile and house call veterinary services across Hobart, including pet and dog euthanasia, nail clipping, vaccinations, microchipping and more.

Creature Calls offers veterinary services in the comfort of your own home.

Through our experience and expertise, we offer most services across Hobart that can be offered in a veterinary consultation setting.  

We bring scales, diagnostic tools, and medications - however it is helpful if we can get as much information beforehand about the type of issue we will be looking at, and previous history so that we can be as well prepared as possible.  

Our mobile veterinary services across Hobart include:


Creature Calls provides quick, safe effective vaccination services to pets across Hobart.

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Arthritis can be a significant cause of reduced quality of life in older animals. Creature Calls can help you with advice on the most appropriate supplements and medications for your animal's specific situation. Helping you to maintain your companion's quality of life as long as possible.

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Anxiety is a natural and very common experience among pets and human alike.

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Euthanasia and End of Life Counselling

We will do everything we can to help you make your dearest companion's last moments as gentle and peaceful as possible.

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Microchipping is mandatory in Tasmania for dogs (with some specific exceptions) over 6 months and all cats that are sold or given away.

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Senior Health Checks

Dogs over 7 and cats over 9 can start to develop some health concerns that if not picked up and managed at a relatively early stage can, have a significant impact on their quality of life further down the track.

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Itchy Skin

There are 3 main things that make animals itch; parasites, infection and allergy.

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Lump Checks

Lumps can of course develop in any age of dog, cat or pet. Creature Calls are here to help.

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Dental Checks

Dental disease is one of the most significant undiagnosed diseases in animals that has a major health impact.

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Nail Trim

Clipping the nails of your pet can prevent common problems.

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Anal Glands

Creature Calls can perform a quick and effective anal gland expression, or a comprehensive diagnostic process when necessary.

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What we don't do...

While we aim to offer a wide range of services, there are some things we don't do at Creature Calls, including:

  • Emergencies
  • Hospital care
  • Surgery

If you are dealing with an animal emergency please call a veterinary hospital, or if it is after hours, call the after hours veterinary emergency centre on 1300 302 912.  

Our pricing and fees

Some specific services may have individual costs or fees associated with them, and are listed under each services along with our pricing and fees structure.

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