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Lumps can of course develop in any age of dog, cat or pet. Creature Calls are here to help.

They become more likely to be cancerous in a pet but we can never be sure based on age of the pet or even from the look or the feel of the lump whether or not it is likely to be cancerous.  The only way to get information about whether a lump is likely to be cancerous or not is to take a sample from it.  The sample can be taken in a number of ways the 2 main ways we can do this are:

1.  Fine needle aspirate.   This can be done with the pet conscious in a consultation at your home, with a normal needle and syringe.  The benefits are that it is quick, relatively painless (like a vaccination) and minimally invasive.   The main drawback is that because we are only getting a small sample it means we only get a small number of cells to look at which means the vet or pathologist may not be 100% sure from the sample what the lump is and may then say we need a “Biopsy”

2. Biopsy:   This needs to be done under deep sedation or more usually general anaesthetic.   It involves taking a wedge or chunk of the lump to send to the pathologist.  This means that the pathologist not only gets a good number of cells from the lump but they also get to look at the structure of the cell matrix within the lump which helps them with deciding what type of cancer or other type of lump they might be looking at.  

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