Pet Euthanasia and End of Life Counselling Hobart

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We will do everything we can to help you make your dearest companion's last moments as gentle and peaceful as possible.

Sometimes you are forced to make difficult decisions for your pet. Euthanasia is quite possibly the hardest one. We are here to assist you with this painful decision.

Euthanasia is generally performed when it becomes obvious that a pet’s quality of life is reduced to a point where the suffering outweighs the positives they enjoy. This may be due, a painful condition, or as a result of disease.

End of life counselling:
If you would like a specific consultation to discuss your pet's quality of life and whether there maybe more that can be done to improve it, please let us know. If this consultation just confirms your own gut feeling that it is time, then having that feeling, backed up by a professional, may help you to feel more comfortable with the decision. At this consultation we could also discuss the need, if any, for sedation of your pet at the time of euthanasia, and how this might be carried out in the most gentle way.

When the time comes:

Choosing an at home euthanasia means your pet can be comfortable, relaxed at home on a their own bed, perhaps laying in the sun or in their favourite place in front of the fire surrounded by the people who love them.

We can arrange for cremation with or If you would like to choose an urn or wooden box rather than the standard biodegradable box or bag we recommend for beautiful Tasmanian made urns and boxes.

Fur clippings and paw prints can be arranged at no extra charge.

You may like to bury your beloved pet at home, if so we can provide a biodegrable appropriate bag for pets to be buried in.

If none of these suit we can arrange for communal burial see pricing below.

Pricing and fees

Our general consultation fees and travel fees  will occur, as well as any specific service pricing listed below.

At home euthanasia- $280

Burial- $80- 290 depending on weight.

Cremation (this includes a pick up and transport fee)

0-10kg $250

10-24kg $340

25-44kg $410

45-75kg $530

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