Pet Nail Trimming Hobart

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Clipping the nails of your pet can prevent common problems.

Nail clipping is one of those tasks that your pet may not cope well with, not all pets need their nails trimmed but it's good to get them regularly checked. Nails that grow too long can easily get caught, cause discomfort and can curl around and become ingrown which may cause an infection and swelling.

Depending on how your animal is with their nails being trimmed you can organise an appointment with Cathy and or Lauren at Creature Calls.

"Cathy with her dog Willow"

Pricing and fees

Our general consultation fees and travel fees  will occur, as well as any specific service pricing listed below.

Nurse nail trim $65

Vet nail trim $80

(if you are within our travel zone then there is no mileage fee.) Please view our service zones to find out travel costs outside our standard travel zone.

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