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Dogs over 7 and cats over 9 can start to develop some health concerns that if not picked up and managed at a relatively early stage can, have a significant impact on their quality of life further down the track.

As examples, a surprisingly large percentage of dogs over 7 have arthritis which goes undetected and yet it does impact on their behaviour.  In cats the more common undetected disease is kidney disease.   Both these diseases can be detected relatively simply and not cured but managed to create longer term quality of life.    Cancerous lumps become more prevalent with age and these need checking by microscopic examination.  Sometimes this can require a quick needle sample that can be taken at home and checked on the day, sometimes it will be more involved than that. Cathy of Creature Calls can take samples in the comfort of your home, take them away to stain and look at them under her microscope and then send them off to the laboratory if necessary.

Blood tests can detect disease in older animals that are not showing any outward signs of disease. For example, studies have shown that in dogs, blood screening can detect abnormalities that require further workup in 1 in 5 dogs aged 7-10 years that were not showing any outward signs of disease.  Similarly in cats aged 9-13 years, 1 in 5 showed abnormalities that needed further attention.

For this reason it is recommended that older cats and dogs get yearly blood screening to check for indicators of underlying disease. Creature Calls, can do this quickly and easily from the comfort of your home.

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