Sustainability at Creature Calls Hobart

December 1, 2021

At Creature Calls we are proud of our sustainability focus. We not only care about the health of pets but about all animals and the planet as a whole.

Thus we are concerned about the issue of climate change. What animal lover could watch emaciated polar bears on thinning ice flows and not feel the need to act?  We would like to do our small part to work towards reducing global carbon emissions.  

To this end, for our mobile vet services in Hobart Creature Calls uses an electric vehicle to minimise our carbon emissions: the Hyundai Kona Electric

The vehicle is charged sometimes by the solar panels on Dr Cathy’s house and at other times by mains power.  Thankfully, living in Tasmania, we run on primarily hydro power so much of our electricity is from renewable sources even when not from solar panels.  

There are other ways in which we try to reduce our carbon footprint:  

We email invoices and handouts rather than printing out hard copies, thereby reducing the need for tree harvesting for wood chipping to create paper.

We choose to bank through “Bank Australia”: a carbon neutral bank that doesn’t support the fossil fuel industry.

Our super is invested with “Australian ethical investment”, whose charter avoids investment in: any funds that extract, create, produce, manufacture, or market materials, products, goods or services which have a harmful effect on humans, non-human animals or the environment.

We believe that by following these policies and investing in these companies we are not only doing our bit to try to reduce emissions but also to create a healthier and fairer world.  

Other environmentally sustainable practices include:

  • We use the microchips with the reusable applicator and the online registering system instead of the paper system.  
  • We offer Euthabag for home burials:

5 ecological benefits when using EUTHABAG:

  • The Necrophagous insects and microorganisms have access to the remains to decompose the body. The remains are contained – yet the bag contains no heavy metals or chlorinated compounds. When buried, the remains are contained and do not leach euthanasia products or germs into the environment.
  • The glue is vegetal-based.
  • The ink is water-based.
  • Contains post-consumer recycled material.
  • Plastic bags are made of 100% raw material.
  • Wherever possible we try to choose the most sustainable practices and products.   If you feel we could do better we would welcome your feedback, via email or text.

If you're interested in learning more about our efforts to be more sustainable at Creature Calls, then we invite you to get in touch with Cath who's always happy to chat. You can also book your mobile vet appointment in the Hobart and surrounding areas via our online enquiry form.

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